Financial coaching programs to engage employees


Soclar’s financial coaching brings in exponential technology and teamwork as the natural bridge to engage each person in making smart money decisions to successfully build their wealth.

Soclar provides a financial coaching program that marries all the components of smart money coaching: money, engagement, exponential technology and teamwork. By coaching through individual single-subject videos, Soclar engages employees at a higher level than the typical advice-driven text or video. Delivering the coaching videos by text message (which has an approximate eight times higher open rate than email) means more employees are engaged. The videos are tailored to three age groups to speak to each demographic’s relevant financial concerns: Growth Builder (35 and under), Accumulator (36 to 54), and Reinventor (55 and up). We’ve also added actionable worksheets, processes, or checklists at the ends of these three-minute videos to allow for immediate execution and action on each single subject. 

Multiple Ways To Learn

Soclar’s platform contains a variety of ways to engage employees. There are texted videos (sent on a monthly basis) and a weekly blog post that we send to participants (with over 200 searchable-by-subject videos). There are also resources we provide which participants can access on their own. These resources include a video library (on multiple financial topics), and courses for deep dive information (for those who want to make transformational changes in the ways they handle money issues such as debt and retirement). Each of the four levels of engagement provides financial coaching for employees to make positive changes around their money.

Help Your Employees Learn About Money

Short, three minute educational videos delivered directly to your employees’ mobile phones each month, complete with an actionable plan to help move them forward on their financial paths.

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